The New Movement

Bike Equity Today


There is a diverse bike movement in America. When diversity becomes a valued part of decision making in bike planning and design, we will have moved closer to bike equity. If you want to build bike equity, consider the following questions as a starting point:

  • Who designed the bike projects you want people to support?
  • Whose visions do you include in your advocacy work? » Does the mix of people planning and advocating for bicycling represent the diversity of your town?
  • Are there people biking in your town today who you see out on the sidewalks or streets — but never at a bike planning meeting?
  • Are diverse perspectives considered indispensable to the bike lobbying where we advocate for spending public dollars on particular bike projects? 

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Integrating equity in bike advocacy

An interim report on the internal equity assessment at the League of American Bicyclists


At the Bike League, we believe bike equity can be achieved through the inclusion of community voices in creating streets for diverse users. It means ensuring that more people can access the many benefits of bicycling.

The League has undertaken an internal equity assessment and change process —and this is the first report on that process, which formally started in November 2013. 

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Building Equity

Race, ethnicity, class and protected bike lanes: an idea book for fairer cities



A joint report of PeopleForBikes and the Alliance for Biking & Walking, this idea book for fairer cities has three main ingredients:

  • Profiles of 10 very different people of color from around the country who are, for diverse reasons, advocating for protected bike lanes in their communities.
  • Data-rich explorations of the role protected bike lanes have played in advancing equity in Colombia, Denmark and China.
  • A collection of statistics, new and old, about the intersections of race, ethnicity, income and bike infrastructure, including some from a major new statistically valid survey of U.S. biking habits.

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