The Active Transportation Leadership Institute launched in March 2017.

Our programs began at the National Bike Summit, including:

  • half-day trainings,
  • an unconference day,
  • orientation for new local staff,
  • a state by state analysis of active transportation advocacy, and
  • recognition of the founding donors of the Institute.

Leading up to the National Bike Summit, we conducted listening sessions to:

  • understand the needs of advocates,
  • learn about campaigns and strategies that have made advocates more effective in their work,
  • identify tools that local advocates have used to increase equity, diversity and inclusion, and
  • to hear from supporters about what they find compelling in this work.



Membership in the Active Transportation Leadership Institute is open to individuals who work for advocacy organizations that have organizational memberships with the Bike League or are affiliated with America Walks.

To sign up for Active Transportation Leadership Institute services, please send an email to Policy Director Ken McLeod (


founding donors and sponsors

For information on the opportunity to become a founding donor or sponsor, please contact Interim Executive Director Bill Nesper (