How to host a women's bicycling forum

Best practices and ideas to get the conversation started in your community


There’s nothing more powerful than uniting your efforts with people who share your passion. There’s nothing more inspiring than meeting trailblazing leaders who can help you propel progress in your community.

One of the League’s core beliefs is that bicycling brings people together. Women Bike believes that bringing women together can be the start of a revolution in your community, as well.

So, as the number of women’s bicycling forums and summits grow, we wanted to share the experience and lessons learned from events that have been held across the nation. Our hope is that this report will help guide your efforts to strategically convene and begin to grow the women bike efforts in your community in unique and powerful ways. 

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engaging more women in bicycling

Key steps and best practices to improve and advance women's specific bicycle advocacy


Despite all the momentum of the modern bike movement, women made up just 24% of all bicycle trips in the United States in the most recent National Household Travel Survey in 2009. So it’s not surprising that one question that is often asked in regards to the Women Bike program is “What’s the number one thing that can increase ridership among women?” 

This report is designed for advocates interested in creating a successful women’s outreach and encouragement initiative in their community. In addition to some practical advice on how to design programs that are inclusive, culturally relevant and financially sustainable, we define some of the philosophical underpinnings of women-specific bike advocacy to help you make your case. 

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women and bicycles toolkit

Launch a women's bicycling initiative in your community

Whether you’re a group of friends, a bike club, or a bike advocacy organization, it’s up to you to get a women’s initiative started.

With the support of the League of American Bicyclists and its national Women Bike initiative, we created this toolkit for organizations like you. We’ve broken down suggestions for your programming into individual activities that can be selected a la carte. Each activity includes a brief description, tools needed, costs, and lessons we’ve learned along the way. 

Produced by the washington area bicycle association

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