Engaging Youth in Bicycle Advocacy

A case study on why youth ride and 10 rules for adults working effectively with teens


Local Spokes is a coalition of nine community organizations based in the Chinatown and Lower East Side neighborhoods in New York City. Local Spokes advocates for biking, biking infrastructure and affordable housing. For the past three summers, Local Spokes has organized a Local Spokes Youth Ambassadors Program, engaging NYC high school students who live or go to school in the neighborhood. These Youth Ambassadors (YA) meet up twice per week for six weeks in the summer to learn about biking, biking advocacy and the advocacy topics of the nine community organizations.

For my internship, I worked with the YA as a case study. I created a two-part survey that involved answering questions about their motivations for riding and any obstacles that inhibit their riding. In addition to the survey, YA were guided through a series of discussions that led to the forming of a list of rules for adults on how to engage teens in an advocacy conversation. 

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Engaging youth in Urban biking and bike share

A toolkit from Philadelphia


Using the case study of Philadelphia’s Indego bike share program, this Toolkit is an exploration of the relationship between bike share programs and youth in cities, providing stories, inspiration, and guidance for other cities. The City of Philadelphia’s bike share program, Indego, has made equity, diversity, and inclusion central priorities thanks to support from the Better Bike Share Partnership, made possible by the JPB Foundation.

Download the report at Betterbikeshare.org